Friday, September 23, 2011

Rodrigo Blaas for Alma's Film

The short film I picked was Alma's film which was about a young girl who was walking down the street on a snowy afternoon and she stopped in front of a store that had a doll in the window. The doll was identical to her. She had blonde hair, green eyes, a blue hat, tan gloves and a pink jacket. She was shocked to see the doll staring back at her with the same green eyes as herself. She looked away for a slight second and when she was looking back she realized the doll had disapeared and the girl was very confused. She looked through the window and saw the girl looking back at her from a table in the store she tried to go in but couldn't because it was locked but then when she walked away it opened. She went in and her life had changed completely.

The shots were clean nice and simple. I thought the movie overall was a simple movie that had a lot of extra features that slightly added to the film. The filters were nice and kind of glossy to add to the snowy feel of the movie. It gave me a cold feel and really blended well with the movie. I think the director intended it to be this way so that not only the setting and mood would be set but so that the gloominess would help the story move forward as a whole.

She was walking through the street and the shots changed quite a lot. It changed from wide angle to a tight angle and that really added to the intensity of the film. I personally felt it was helpful because within any movie when there is an intense moment coming up a person usually has a tight shot to show her/his expression so that the audience can see their pain, sadness, happiness, etc.

This film had no talking and barely any sound which i thought helped the movie a lot because it made me pay attention the the character as well as what was around her. When the girl saw her own reflection and then realized that there was a doll that looked just like her behind her it was intense because it was a close tight shot that showed her surprised and confused expression that really added to the film.

Overall I thought this movie was good and interesting. It caught my attention throughout. I was very pleased with it though it left me with questions: Who was the master mind behind this idea? Who was creating and watching after these dolls?

Im not sure how this would help the movie but i guess the director wanted the movie to be mysterious because throughout the film that is what i kept referring too. The mystery of the film.

The movie was great and the ending was even better. The girl is now trapped within her own doll and when the movie ends a new doll, a redhead, is set in the front window indicating that a new girl is going to come by, see the doll and be trapped like the hundreds of others.

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  1. I thought you did a good job discussing the lack of sound and its purpose in the film. What I thought was a problem was that you mostly summarized the film I think, rather than elaborating on a lot of important factors. For example I would've been interested to have read a little analysis about the purpose of the film being animated.