Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A married couple who has four children decide to go on a date. They get a babysitter last minute so that they are able to go out on a peaceful evening alone, but like any parent they worry about their children.

The children are ten, eight, five and two. They are crazy, loud, and energetic kids who love to torment their babysitters. The parents are too afraid to leave them alone with a babysitter because the last few times didn't work out for them. The babysitter arrives and the parents are about to leave for their date but suddenly the youngest child begins to cry and this starts a riot among the kids. The babysitter says it is fine and tells the parents to leave.

The parents leave and are sitting at a restaurant ready to order their food when the wife says
"We should call them, what if something is wrong?" and the husband replies with "Honey, I'm sure they're fine, let's just have a nice quiet evening. Okay?" They finish the dinner.

They both try to enjoy their evening, they finish their dinner and are on their way to the movies when the wife starts to in-vision crazy scenarios like her kids kicking the babysitter, tying their babysitter up, and running around the house recklessly. She starts to worry even more and tells her they should go home but once again he says "They're fine" They continue to watch the movie. They finally go home and as the mom walks up to the door she expects the house to be a mess, the babysitter to be crying and the kids all fighting. But to her surprise the babysitter, is sitting on the couch reading a book and all kids are fast asleep in their beds. The babysitter says "They did great! I had fun with them"

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