Friday, September 23, 2011

Character in Time


A 17 year old girl goes through her daily routine of dance and school. She eats sleeps and breathes ballet. Her parents pressure her to be the "perfect" child as she dances till she can't possibly feel her feet anymore. Little do her parents know that she hates the pressure and more than anything she just wants their approval and love. She feels she will be looked down on if she doesn't dance. She has to starve herself to have the perfect little body like her parents want. Her life is nothing close to what she wants, she wants a normal and happy life. She wants to be a college student and travel the world. She aspires to be a mom and a good one. She wants to love her child and give her everything her parents never have. She reaches out to someone, anyone, hoping that one day someone will be able to understand her and be willing to love her like her parents never did.

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