Friday, September 23, 2011

Broadcast Assignment

For the broadcast assignment myself and my partner Plenny were not sure what to do with our broadcast so we decided to stay simple and do a football segment. I felt our questions could have been stronger though it was good because the interviewees did a good job at answering them.  I didn't envision anything special though i thought the b-roll would have been better even though it was difficult because there was no other game shots. 

The background was simple for most of the interviews; we just got a shot of the football field to add to the theme of football. For Xeyrus' interview plenny got a nice shot of him in front of the mustang and the flag and it added to the interview. I felt our shots were simple and easy to shoot so that our broadcast was simple. Though they were simple they were nice and easy to see everyone within the shot. Most of the camera work was smooth even though Plenny did hand on camera work. Most of the audio was good and easy to hear but sometimes i felt it could have been better because the wind contrasted with the voices. 

I think we did a good job with the voice-overs because they, like the rest of the segment, were simple but caught peoples attention. 

We tried to incorporate the interview's with the b-roll though that was difficult because there is no game footage because they were not in season yet. I want people to have a cheerful attitude towards our broadcast because we want people to come out and support the football teams. 

Our editing was not easy because we had to chop the footage a lot because of the interviewees didn't do so well in answering the questions. They, mostly, messed around and it was hard to mixed together. The glitches were fixed and it was overall a good but short segment. I thought it was something that could be improved but with the time we had it was a good segment. 

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