Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A: Rational: (100)
My group, Plenny, Jenna, Isabella and myself made a short comedy. The overall story was about a boy who was obsessed with hair. He watched a girl at a coffee shop, and fell in love with her hair. The girl was extremely creeped out by the boys obsession so she confronts him and gets a surprise, the surprise scares the girl and she leaves the cafe. The boy moves on to another random girl that passes the cafe. This movie was intended for teenagers or young adults.

B: Commentary: (1200SL)
For this film my job was Set Designer, I helped with wardrobe, set location and props needed. I felt the time of day really affected our movie in a negative way. We were unable to film on some days and when we were finally able to film the time of day was different, due to daylight savings, so we had different colored shots in our final film. Another huge problem we had was actors. Our first actress, Camilla, was unable to film because she had the play and other school problems to focus on and our actor, Ezra, was unable to film due to him not living in the bay. But we tried our best to get over that problem and find new actors and I thought it was going to be very difficult due to the fact that the play was coming up so no one was available. Our classmate, Jen, said her and her boyfriend Matt were able to be in our film. We were ecstatic! Our film was finally in progress once again. We starting filming that weekend and tried through the week to get more but as deadline was coming up we were stressed for time. Jen had basketball practice and Matt had work and on top of our actors having schedule issues so did our crew. Jenna and Isabella both had work so we all had to come up with a plan that worked. I think overall time management and our storyline were our biggest problems. 

This was part of my Google site and it states how difficult our time was with this project. Our struggle for new actors and a new story held us back.

Oct. 26, 2011
Our group was notified by our main actress that she couldn't participate in our film any longer because she had the play as well as other personal things to deal with. When we were told this we were stressed to find new actors and figure out a new schedule. With this we thought it would be better to make a new script that would be easier to film if we shortened our film. With this our writers, Plenny and Isabella, were stressed to create a whole new script, treatment and pitch. I was stressed with trying to find new actors that could be able to make it on our schedule. I was lucky enough to have Jen Lewis and her boyfriend Matt volunteer to act. We are planning on filming at a cafe on San Mateo Ave.