Thursday, December 22, 2011

5 Most Valuable Minutes- Research Practice

The director, Martin Scorsese, is a famous director and has produced Oscar award winning films. His typical type of movie is dark and depressing, with the main character feeling lonely. He has produced many films, like The Departed, Goodfellas, Shutter Island. Within most of these movies he focuses on one character trying to overcome a difficulty. Travis Bickle was alone and sad, he stayed up long nights working to keep himself busy. He didn't do much with his life until Iris, the prostitute, came into his life. He wanted to help her because he could tell that she was unhappy. I think he connected well with her because he was unhappy with what he was doing as well.

I felt the most important five minutes was the end after Travis Bickle was shot multiple times and was in acoma. Iris' parents had written Travis a letter to thank him for being a hero for their daughter as well as his city. Though Travis had made mistakes before, he made a smart choice by taking care of Iris because he learned how to care for others and care for himself. This not only shows their graditude but shows that he is well and recovered. The audience assumed he was dead after the blood bath and him getting shot, so when Iris' father stated that Travis was recovered it surprised the audience.

Another important factor is Travis continuing to drive the taxi cab. While he is on the job he gets a costumer and it is the girl who works at the office for Palantine. Her and Travis have not seen each other for a while but she tries to talk to him, she is interested in his hero actions and seems interested in him once again. They arrive at her apartment and she asks for the price and Travis looks at her and says nothing then drives off. Travis is finally over the girl and relaizes there are bigger and more important things than just her. He helped save a young girl, and became a hero thought those were not his intensions.

The overall theme is to show that there are different types of hero's. Travis was unlike the typical hero, he wasn't liked by everyone and he wasn't very kind. Though he had bad flaws he stood up for Iris and for that he was a hero. He was a hero to Iris' parents because he helped them find their child and regain family.

An interesting detail within the movie was the music. Throughout the movie whenever the girl that worked for Palantine came into the shot or Travis was thinking about her the same music was playing in the background. What i thought was interesting was the fact that the music was also playing with Iris. At the end Travis finally got over the girl, yet the music was still playing. This can symbolize that Travis was not fully over the girl he just knew that it wouldn't work out and he can move onto bigger things.

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