Friday, October 1, 2010


Love Can Go a Distance
A boy named Drew was visiting Australia for a foreign exchange program. While there he meets this amazing girl who he falls madly in love with.

Drew was only 16 years old when he saw the most amazing, beautiful, and lovely girl in the world.

All the girls thought Drew, "the new guy", was handsome and they all tried to talk to him but over the next few weeks he realized that he didn't care for any of the girls all he could see was the one mysterious girl because she was unlike the other girls, even though she was popular, she was also smart, artistic, and misunderstood by many people. Drew could see right through her because he new she was one of a kind and original.

He was too shy to ever say a word to her because she was the most popular girl in his class. One day she asked him a question and his words could not come out. He was lost for words. He looked like an idiot standing there not responding.

The girl walked away as she thought..."Is there something wrong with me?"

Of course he found nothing wrong with her, but he couldn't seem to express that to her. Though it had only been a few weeks since they first met, Drew felt like he has known her all his life. He had a special connection to her.

She spoke to him again asking him about his other school, his other friends, his life back in California. He responded short and unclear replies. The girl turned around and started to walk away. She thought "what more can I talk to him about? Ill just give up trying." But as she was leaving he stopped her....He asked her to show him around the town.

She smiled to herself before turning around. She said "I would like that."

They went around for hours after school talking and laughing, they always ended up watch the sunset at the beach. They did this everyday for weeks.

But the time finally came when the program was ending and he had to go back to California. They said there goodbyes and Drew made his way back to California. When he got home he missed everything, he missed the school, people, beaches and most importantly the girl.

Weeks later he received a package...He opened it and was shocked and happy to see a jar of sand with a note that said... "Love Can Go a Distance.

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