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1. A "screen shot" as evidence for each of the stylistic devices.

2. A written description of the device and how it functions in the film.

3. An interpretation of what you feel is the director's intent and effect of the device on the film as a whole.

Amelie's Blog

In the opening scene the director tries to capture a child's innocence by creating a childish beginning. Amelie is different then most children, she is closed off from the world as a child and has to create her own reality. The director connects Amelie to the audience because of the similarities of innocence; people can relate to innocence because as a child we each have innocent minds. We use are imagination to create a life of are own; a life better than reality.These opening shots focus on Amelie and her coming of age, the time when she was small and innocent. It describes the beginning of her journey and where she starts off as a character, and then at the end of the movie we see the change in Amelie. She can relate back to her beginning and how she was different, she was closed off and innocent and now we see her character as an open and mature person.She lost her innocence and gained knowledge.

As a child Amelie finds herself lonely because of her "heart condition" she uses her imagination throughout her life to become more of an independent person. The director shows that Amelie is a very creative thinker through the use of magical realism.
The alligator symbolizes Amelie's loneliness as a
child and her only friend was an alligator that she created.This waist shot of both Amelie and her
imaginative alligator shows the connection andrelationship she has, or wants to have with people. She wants to be close and connectto others but yet she cant seem to open up because something is holding her back.

This picture is used to show the connection to Amelie and the girl with the glass. They both are shy and quiet women who are seen but not understood. Relating to what Amelie said, "She's in the middle, yet she's out side." She cannot understand that she is related to the girl and they share a connection, until later in the movie when she realizes she is just like the girl with the glass.
Towards the end of the movie Amelie starts
opening up to Nino(her lover), Raphaƫl
Poulain(her father), Dufayel(the painter)
and she is a more understanding. The directors intent was to connect these two people, Amelie and "the girl with the glass", they both have the same path in life. They start off as innocent and out of place people who later realize life is what you make it out to be and the outcome is yours, use your imagination.

There are many different sounds throughout the movie emphasizing the important action. Amelie looks for Nino and as she opens the door a loud noise is set off to grab the audiences attention. It gives the movie a more passionate feel and adds to the characters as well.
The actors actions can be determined by the sound
and music. In one of the final scenes Amelie sees Nino and looks out into the widow, he could not be found but then she heard a soft knock at the door, symbolizing Nino's elegance, the music gets loud and as she panics the music intensifies. The directors intent was to create intense music that can relate to their intense and loving connection because they both have been running around waiting for the right moment to come when they both realize their love for each other. The both stop silently waiting then slowly kiss, the musics dims and then fades away, the shot closes into the two characters to give the audience the feeling of actually being there with them. The music would have taken away from the special moment that the audience and characters have been waiting to come throughout the movie. The music adds to every scene.

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