Friday, December 10, 2010

Documentary Pre-Pro Dance

Purpose: The intent of this page is to realize how life is inspirational and unique with what you make it. Dancing is a perfect way to express yourself as well as keep you fit. The documentary will show the girls love for dance and how she one day would like to become professional. A girls dream might someday turn into reality with practice and dedication. The main purpose is to show how dancing is a way to be expressive and meaningful to some people. Rachel, the girl we will be interviewing, loves to dance and she eventually she wants to be a professional dancer. 

Contacts: The people i need to talk to are Rachel Cosakis, the interviewee, and the dance academy she performs at, Tiffany's Dance Academy. 

Interview Questions:
How long have you been dancing?
How long have you been attending Tiffany's Dance Academy?
How did you get started with dancing?
why did you join Tiffany's Dance Academy?
How often are your performances?
How many hours are put into dancing?
Is dancing something you would like to join when you are older?
What inspires you to dance?
What is your favorite dance?

General Flow: In the begging i was thinking we walk into the dance studio and see Rachel dancing. We would cut to the interview of her and have b-roll as she talks about the people and dances that inspire her. Then we could cut to a shot of the whole class and slowly have them fade and leave Rachel standing alone dancing. The end will end with a dance that Rachel performed.

Shot List:  Usage of the interview shots: close ups, reflection shots, extreme close ups and the medium waist shots. The B-roll would be the the footage from the dance studio and Rachel dancing in her performance with the other dancers in the dance academy.

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