Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sound Treatment Peer Review

Peer Review on Sound Treatment
Jenna Fontaine’s Treatment:
The intent is that their actor can not be safe within her own mind.

The plot points are when the mother leaves and the voices start to take over the girls mind and the man is killed then the doppelganger is in the next scene.

The climax is when the noises stop and the girl doesn't hear them anymore, then the pizza man is killed.

The point isn't resolved and the climax is where it ends because the evil twin takes over.

The dialogue is very important to the movie because it shows the importance of the
characterization of the girl and her reactions to the voices.

The voices are what helps the story move forward because it causes her to kill the pizza man.
Suggestions are to help the scenes flow smoother.

My Treatment:

My intent of the scene is to show the evil side of people and how people should be aware of their surroundings because some people can be clueless.

Some important plot points are when the first girl is killed, she is killed within the bathroom and her friends don't realize that because she “left” to go home. People need to be aware that not everyone in the world in kind and some people are crazy so walking around at night by yourself isn't a good idea.

The climax is when all the friends are dead and the girl is left alone and she doesn't know what to do she is struggling for her keys from the car but can not find them, she hears a lot of noises around her and she is afraid of what is coming.

The resolution is when she is awaken by a jump into the pool and she realizes it’s a day dream.

The conclusion is when she realizes the day dream is now becoming her reality and she sees the women dead on a lost fly-er.

The important dialogue parts is when her friends repeat the same things they did when she first had the day dream which shows that her dream is now becoming her reality and she is afraid the same things will happen again.

The character that controls the scene is the main girl who is in the middle of all this drama and she sees the different killings and needs to warn people that this might actually happen.

My suggestions are to make sure the film isn't confusing because it might be confusing to people when she realizes its all a day dream and her reality is becoming her dream.

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