Friday, March 4, 2011

Critique For Oral

Movie: Brothers

My oral presentation was on the film Brothers. It did not come out the way I wanted it to because I felt I was missing some key points within the rubric. I had some solid points when it came to my five minute extract I had a well thought out idea that post traumatic stress is what caused Tommy to go crazy and that was the main reason behind the scene I chose. I felt that I didn't cover the score or editing as well I should have because I focused more on the story outline, setting, design and ect.
While discussing my film extract I went over setting, design, content, genre and briefly over editing, and lighting. I feel my strongest area was genre and content, while going over my extract because it was the part I focused most on.
If I had to give myself a grade I would pick a 13 because I feel my knowledge for film terms as well as knowledge for the overall analysis wasn't very strong. I could have used better language for describing my film analysis. I feel i could have put more time into my oral presentation because it wasn't as detailed as I would have liked. Overall my presentation was alright for this being my first time doing one.I was very repetitive while recording and I only spoke of a few subjects within the oral presentation structure guide.

I Am Legend Oral Presentation by Plenny.

She was very detailed in her work and seemed to analyze her topic very well. Her extract i felt was very important to the movie because it showed Will Smith starting to go crazy due to no one else being with him so he has to relate to inhuman like objects. Overall it was good except you seemed really nervous and unsure of what you should say, but for the first time doing an oral presentation it was well done.
Score: 17

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