Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sound Design

Logline: We will follow three people and as we follow them we will take the noise of each persons individual story and connect them together into a big climax.


Each person has a destict sound.
Person One: A nerd, is good at school.
Person Two: A jock, plays all sports.
Person Three: A girly girl, plays with hair and etc.

Each of theses people will have a particular sound that will determine them. Those sounds will blend together in the end. It will connect each person though they are different they are still similar because they each attend and go through similar hardships while in high school.

Our film will connect to all of these requirements because the rythmic match is at the end when the climax of the film is happening when all the sounds come together. The sound bridge will be disticive as well and consistant. The characters have to be well developed not just the film and sound. Each character will have a sound that determines who they are so the audience knows its them.

1 comment:

  1. I like the concept, if it helps any. I can't really comment much because it's just a brainstorm, but I'd love to see where you go with this.

    How are you going to connect these characters with their respective sounds? Will they be digetic, non-digetic? What type of sound would it be, foley, or music? If they're foley, how will they mesh? If music, will they be connected to individual instruments? How are you going to connect these individual characters' stories as one? Will they have some kind of connection despite being from different worlds?

    I look forward to seeing how you connect this all together, and i like how you connect these characters with individual sounds to represent themselves. I can't wait to see how you answer the question: "How will this play out, and fit together?"