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Brothers is a movie about a man named Tommy Cahill (Jake Gyllenhaal) who comforts and looks after his older brothers family, who stars Captain Sam Cahill (Toby McGuire) and Grace Cahill (Natile Portman), while they think Sam died back in Afghanistan.While Sam is gone Tommy grows a  connection to his brothers family and later in the movie sparks tension.

 Genre and Audience:
1) What tradition or genre is it in?
The genre of this movie is drama/thriller/war.

2) What are the features determining genre?
The features determining this genre are the drama of Sam, Tommy, and Grace. When Sam is gone he thinks Grace and Tommy, which is his brother, slept together.He starts going crazy and questioning everything his brother has done to prove him self a good brother. Sam also puts drama, war, and thrill to the movie as he goes crazy over all the emotions built up.

3) What other work might it be connected to?
The movie can be connected to The Hurt Locker because they both have the theme, which is, war changes the  what is within the man.When Sam goes off to war in Afghanistan he is not ready to face a life changing experience; he gets taken hostage and that is when hes life is forever changed. When he goes back home he doesn't act the same with his family or any loved ones. He is mad at himself for killing a soldier and ultimately is destroying his life. In The Hurt Locker, James is faced with the life changing moment as well, when he makes the choice to rather be in war then at home with his family.He doesn't like living at home he likes the experience and "rush" of being at war.It also connects because of the vivid sounds, in each movie they close up to the small sounds to make them seem bigger within the movie.

4) Who made this? Why?
Jim Sheridan was the director and the writers are David Benioff and Susanne Bier. They made this because they wanted to make a movie that shows the importance of family and how they need to care for each other through bad times. Sam might be going crazy and having a horrible life because of the war, but he has his family there to help comfort him.

5)What can we tell about its’ creators? 
We can tell that the creators want to give the movie a connection to home life and how family is important. 

6)How does it fit within the director’s other work?
It connects to his other work because most of his movies have to deal with family and how people have strong connections.

7)What is the film’s theme?
The films theme is war can change a mans personal life, it can change the man within. When Sam goes off to war everything is fine but as time goes on and they think hes dead then his family starts to live a normal life and Tommy grows closer as a father figure to Sam's two daughters, and sees Sam's wife more then just a sister-in-law.

8) What is the target audience? How does it address its audience?The targeted audience was adults/young adult. This movie was sensational and could even be targeted toward teens. The overall theme of the movie was an idea that manly adults could relate too. It addresses it audience because it

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  1. A thoughtful response... thanks for adding the images as well .... a few links to the research you used would work well also. In your "features determining genre" you can also include references to the types of characters and conflicts. You mention war films, but you can be more specific, like the exploration of post traumatic stress syndrome and it's relation to returning home.