Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Treatment- Wasted

Logline: A guy struggles to deal with the alcoholic behavior of his parent all the while trying to come to terms with the death of his sibling.

A teenage boy in a black suit sits with his hands on his head, trying to stay strong. The mother is in the background in a black dress. He arises from the chair as he walks to the fire place, where above it lie pictures of two boys. The young boy takes in a deep breath, bringing a feeling of disbelief that he is in this situation. Conversation arises between him and his mom. We can over hear his mom slurring her words, which brings us to a ECU of an alcohol bottle being picked up and meets a mouth. It reveals the mother drinking. This makes questions arise whether she is an alcoholic or not. Due to the pictures and the conversation, we can make a conclusion that they are going to a funeral for the youngest brother/son.

The green scenery and colorful houses contrasted the somber clothing of the people in the car.

Sniffle sniffle.

The car door slams, rustling is heard. A flash of a brown paper bag disappears quickly as it came under the passenger’s seat.

His innocence itched to ask his mother what it was, a present, a box of tissues (surely she knew he needed some)

Sniffle, sniffle.

On the way home from the funeral, it is dead silent in the car. There is no words being spoken between the mother and son. Only thing that is being heard is the sniffling from the two after crying. Interrupting is the shuffling of a paper bag. The shot cuts to the mother opening a bottle in a brown paper bag. “Mom, what is that?” “It’s nothing son, don’t worry about it.” “No, it’s not nothing. Your problem is more than nothing!” “I promise this is my last one.” “Liar! You never stop mom; once you start you can’t stop! Now give me the damn bottle before you get us both killed!!” “Nooo!!!” The two fight back and forth (like tug a war) trying to grasp the bottle/bag away from one another. The son finally gets a hold of it and pulls it away from the mom. Thank you” says the son sarcastically. Quick cuts between flashbacks show the mothers relationship with her sons during her abusive alcoholic stages. Bottles being thrown... Yelling between the older son and mother... Mom hitting her older son, in retaliation to him trying to get rid of her alcohol... etc.

The flashbacks end and fade back to the son. The car pulls up to the house. The sun is just setting in the background. The mom gets out of the car and heads right into the house without questioning why the boy was still sitting in the car. The boy releases a deep sigh. He finally heads out of the car, into the house, past his mom on the couch (who has a beer bottle in her hand) and straight into his room. He slams the door behind him. Pacing back and forth in his room, he tries to calm down. He then reaches over to his backpack, which is fulled with binders and books. He unzips it and pulls out his planner, skimming over the homework that is due the next day/week. Essay, test, project, essay, test, test, test (things written in his planner).... His eyes widen as he skims through the next week and how much stuff he has to get through. He then pulls out his laptop and goes to check his grades. His grades are dropping gradually. C,C, B-, D, D, F, C (his grades)... The b- is in an easy class like PE. His eyebrows and eyes indicate his anger. He then shuts his laptop closed, and pushes it to the side. Looks back down at his planner for a quick sec... BAM! he throws his planner across the room. The shot cuts as a match action of the planner being thrown to the planner hitting the wall and falling. The lighting in the room starts to darken as, the camera is still on the planner that now has papers scattered out of it. The camera then pans over to the left coming across a brown paper bag (looks just like the one from the car), then it comes across a bottle cap, finally reaching the boys feet. The camera pauses for a second and then pans upwards. The next thing we see is a 75% empty alcohol bottle. As the camera passes the bottle, the bottle is slowly being pulled up to meet a mouth. The mouth being the son.... (shows how the boy is following the mothers footsteps &actions(literally) and what he has been surrounded by his whole life).


  1. I think it could be a good emotional film, but the part with the mother and son fighting over the brown bottle in the car seems a bit strange. Like the sudden jump in anger to get the bottle out of her hand, and the dialogue during that scene needs a bit more work, something to ease its way into the mini climax. The ending is good though, with the boys steady decline in grades, really a good way to show how the problems in his family life is affecting him.

  2. this film is really emotional and i think that you did a good job of showing the son's anger and sadness over his mother's actions. the ending is especially good because it's very unexpected. i think the character development is done well, i'm not sure about the specific themes that you are going for though. the three act structure is present, i think it will be a very short film though and i'm not sure that there is really a resolution to the whole thing.